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Tortured By The Bell Witch

bell witchThe Bell Witch of Robertson County, Tennessee has been blamed for the terrorizing, harassing and even the death of John Bell. The ghost is reported to be the spirit of Kate Batts, a local woman who was a neighbor of John Bell and with whom he had more than one sour business deal. Her apparition began appearing at the home of John Bell and making eerie noises, frightening laughter and wreaking a general degree of mayhem around the house and property. Residents of the surrounding county soon heard of the chaos occurring at the Bell home and Kate Batt’s ghost became widely known and referred to simply as “Kate”. At one point the stories about Kate’s antics became so well known that General Andrew Jackson himself paid a visit to the property and witnessed the destruction caused by the raucous exploits of the ghost.

Following John Bell’s death, apparently from ingesting a poison found near his bedside, Kate persisted in her antics and caused ongoing trauma to the Bell home and the surrounding neighborhood. Even after she seemed to have left the area, no one knew if she really had gone or was just waiting to create more havoc. For that matter, was the ghost even real or was she a person trying to cause trouble under the guise of a spirit? While to this day no one knows for sure, the story of the Bell Witch continues to make people wonder if she will at some point return.

2 Responses to “Tortured By The Bell Witch”

  1. samuel Says:

    she had also killed john bell… she made him drink poison while he was asleep.

  2. shelly Says:


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