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Lusty Costumes For Plus Sized Women

Some people may not think ‘sexy’ when they envision a nurse, waitress, a cat, police woman, a witch or a queen. Those would however be the people that have probably never seen some of the sultry, sexy, lusty and busty plus size costumes for Halloween. Just because you might have a few extra curves in all the right places doesn’t mean that you can’t dress to the max and knock ‘em dead (or undead) at the big Halloween bash.

Sexy Enough For a Super Model!

Even the fashion world has taken a new look at the size of their super models. Brazilian nanny turned model, Fluvia Lucerda is just the beginning of our top 10, sultry, sexy plus size hot, hot, hot models. Here are the rest:

  • One of 2000’s most beautiful people (according to People Magazine) was also one of the very first supermodels of plus size proportions – Kate Dillon
  • Lane Bryant lingerie model Ashley Graham
  • Swimsuit model Natalie Laughlin
  • Beverly Johnson’s (also a supermodel) daughter, Anansa Sims
  • Size 16 Silvia Rho
  • Calendar girl Barbara Brickner
  • Sizzling hot Latina Christina Mendez
  • Canadian born and bred Justine Legault
  • and French magazine cover girl Tara Lynn

Bigger Really IS Better!

Men find plus size women sexy for any number of reasons. Who, after all, wants to get poked in the ribs all night by some anorexic elbow? Skin and bones might be sexy to a forensic anthropologist, but to a real live man’s man – a little something to hold on to is nice. This is not to say that all plus size women are just flat out desirable of course. Just as all bearded men are not sexy. Just as all ‘tall, dark’ men aren’t necessarily ‘and handsome’. It all depends on the individual. Often, beauty can be found on the inside (but it certainly doesn’t hurt to dress it up in a nice package on the outside).

As long as you are healthy and happy it doesn’t matter what size you are. And though beauty may only be skin deep, the right Halloween costume can take beautiful and turn it into buxom!

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