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Aeon Flux Costume

Aeon Flux - Womens sexy costumeThis costume is all about being Goth. It’s perfect for super heroes/super villain party and is based on an outfit from “A Last Time for Everything” from the original Aeon Flux video.

Aeon is a double agent. She’s a confident trickster with her own agenda. The costume doesn’t need to be liquid latex or vinyl. It could be black crushed velvet.

Boots are the key to the allusion of height and length. Even if you are 6 ft. get yourself some platform stilettos. If you go the more revealing costume route, you might want to get a fishnet body suit with full arms and wear gloves and neck choker. And don’t forget a good laser gun.

I haven’t been able to find the actual Aeon Flux costume anywhere, but the best thing I’ve seen so far is the Sexy Queen of Felines costume.  Lose the mask & cat ears, ad a holster for keeping your firepower, and this nylon/spandex catsuit should rock the Aeon Flux look!


4 Responses to “Aeon Flux Costume”

  1. Yanin Says:

    Can someone tell me where can i buy this costume… I’ve been lookin’ all over but i can’t find it

  2. admin Says:

    After searching our database there are no Aeon Flux costumes. We consolidate the costumes from the biggest sites on the web, so it’s probably safe to assume that there are no Aeon Flux costumes anywhere.

    You can still pull this off by improvising. Here are some costumes you could alter:

    Adult Sexy Queen of Felines Costume
    FBI Romper

    The right hair and some guns – you’ll pull it off.

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  4. kabelky Says:

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